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May 2016

Now Blooming

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Flowers are blooming and inspiration is everywhere as we launch our newest organic rose petal products.  Rosewater has long been a staple in our skincare formulations, and now we’re adding roses in their whole petal form! Yes, roses are beautiful, but they are also therapeutic, having been used throughout the ages to deliver powerful benefits to promote a soft, supple complexion- head to toe.  Roses are also known to be full of vitamins rich in C and A, so it is a perfect petal for tightening, toning and softening the skin. So much so, in fact, that the alluring beauty Cleopatra used rosewater as a part of her daily beauty routine both on face and for her daily soak.  So without further ado, here are our new rose offerings:

First, our Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish is your new Holy Grail product.  A natural, safe alternative to microdermabrasion with just a few easy prep steps.  Mix with our Fine Herbal Cleanser and apply in circular motions to the face and neck once a week to reveal a brighter, tighter, more even, toned complexion.  When I tried it, I couldn’t believe how smooth and vibrant my skin was after only thirty seconds.  The powdered roses and organic sweet milk in the Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish are fantastic exfoliants, while the kaolin clay softens and detoxes the skin.  The ultra-fine pumice provides a gentle, but thorough sloughing away of dead, dull skin cells, leaving your skin dewy and glowing and just as the name says-  perfect.

Next we created our Sweet Milk & Rose Petal Exfoliate to deepen  our Sweet Milk Exfoliate Series.  Like all of our Exfoliates, the Sweet Milk & Rose Petal is great to use two to three times a week.  Organic powdered milk provides a gentle effective exfoliate with its high levels of lactic acid to loosen debris and rid dull, dry skin.  It is also full of healthy fats and carbs which help feed and restore elasticity. Organic rose petals are also celebrated for their rich Vitamin content, serving to boost collagen, which is so important to vibrant, resilient skin.  Rose petals also help reduce inflammation and irritation which is soothing to skin after exfoliation.

Last, and certainly not least, is our Pink Petal Roses Solar Salt Mineral Bath. It’s handmade with Epsom, Sea and Pink Himalayan Salts, plus pure, therapeutic-grade rose essential oil and organic rose petals.  This lush creation is  luxury bathing with a therapeutic twist to soften skin, mood and muscles. Pink Himalayan Salts are full of minerals  fantastic for overall health, while organic rose essential oils and petals impart benefits much needed to balance the female system- and it smells divine!