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August 2016

Herbal Hydration Complex: Your Five Minute Complexion Makeover

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Herbal Hydration Complex was created for the professional estheticians who were asking for an all-natural high-level treatment mask to restore, support and maintain proper moisture levels. This small jar contains powers you’d expect from a chemical-laden formula, but of course, we make ours with only the muscle of traditional American herbalism. This is truly advanced, preventative herbal skincare at its finest.

A jar of Herbal Hydration Complex skin care productHerbal Hydration Complex is a remedy for many skin conditions. Adopt it as a once-a-week treatment mask to remove dead cells, and bathe the skin with a veil of moisture to restore balance and elasticity to the complexion. When your skin is inflamed, irritated or imbalanced, a daily dose of this luscious mousse-like gel will infuse tissue with cooling hydration to calm and even skin tone.

There is a long list of benefits that Herbal Hydration Complex provides. It’s formulated to reduce redness, calm stressed skin, cool irritation including imbalances due to rosacea. It deeply hydrates overexposed skin and adds vibrancy to dry or maturing skin. Of course, the miracle of the Herbal Hydration Complex lies in the methodology of herbalism; it is a penetrating, oxygenating reparative blend of chlorophyll, shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, and essential oils.

two women applying the Herbal Hydration Complex product

In addition to professional estheticians, who use it with confidence on clients daily, this herbal treatment mask has so many other fans: make up artists love it in prep, especially pre-photoshoot, as it creates a perfect matte palette for makeup application; men love it as a post-shaving treatment to soothe irritation and reduce ingrown hairs, and beauty editors love it, naming it a top pick “5-minute complexion makeover”.