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June 2016

Bugs, Bites & The Balm

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bug bite balmIt happens: we are caught off guard wriggling our toes in soft beach sand or stepping into a grassy meadow at sunset, when bam- The Bug Bite. Basically harmless, if not allergic, but oh so annoying, bug bites cause an immediate reaction on the skin, making you itchy and uncomfortable. The body’s reaction to a bee sting is to dispatch white blood cells to the area of attack in order to neutralize the venom, hence inflammation and irritation. In a mosquito bite, it is the bug’s saliva releasing into the skin that causes the itch and swelling.

No matter how good the bug screen, there will be the inevitable bite. So what can we do that is effective and safe when the itch is on?  We at Farmaesthetics adhere to the age old 1-2-3 rule: clean the skin, stop the itch and start the healing response.

Our 1-2-3 herbal remedy for bug bites is our Bug Bite Balm, a handy roll-on application of camphor and peppermint essential oils blended with witch hazel to clean, cool and numb the area, increase blood flow which acts as a healing “counter-irritant,” and reduce itching and swelling. This simple trifecta of herbal goodness is a stellar remedy, offering a quick fix to one of summer’s inevitables.