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June 2016

Tansy – Herbaceous & Strong

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Tansy is a revered herb, holding its place in history as a powerful insect repellent. We honor Tansy so much at Farmaesthetics that we have drying stalks hanging on a rack by the front entrance of our home office- an homage to a humble yet powerful, time-proven plant.

Herbaceous and strong, Tansy is known historically for its use in face wash to lighten and purify the skin. It is still listed by the United States Pharmacopeia for its use in medicine to treat fevers.  But Tansy’s most enduring legacy is insect repellent. In fact the history of the window box can be traced to medieval times, where Tansy was planted in containers and hung outside open windows to prevent insects from flying into the medieval home or work place. Bugs abhor the invisible screen of scent emitted by Tansy, so it was also planted near the threshold of  entrances and strewn upon cottage floors, so when crushed underfoot, the volatile oils release, helping to keep bugs from nesting and causing serious burden of discomfort and skin problems.

The powerful herbal constituents of medieval Tansy are the same that we utilize today in our best-selling organic bug screen- Tansynella– a name I made up to capture two main ingredients – Tansy and Citronella. Farmaesthetics’ recipe includes whole certified organic tansy infused into light moisturizing sunflower oil. We then bump the properties of protection by adding Citronella, Rosemary and Lemon Eucalyptus essential oils creating a fresh citrus fragrance and a light, skin conditioning moisture shield- all so good for the skin- but oh so bad for the bugs.

Tansynella is a simple, completely natural, non-toxic insect repellent to apply alone, or to add to lotion (see Nourishing Lavender Milk) to impart insect repelling properties with every moisture application. You can also apply Tansynella “neat” after showering to deliver a consistent dose to create a shield of protection, rather than just applying once you enter an insect environment. There are so many uses, with testimonials from African Safaris to Michigan Boy Scout Troops touting its effectiveness. One devotee recently wrote, “Tansynella- never open your garden gate without it.”

– Brenda