Watercress Eye Gel
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Watercress Eye Gel

Watercress Eye Gel



Our new Watercress Eye Gel is the lift you've been looking for. A 100% natural formulation made with watercress, cucumber, caffeine, arnica and aloe. One drop to eye contour helps make dark circles, fine lines and puffiness vanish. Use alone or over makeup throughout the day to cool, hydrate and lift the eye area, leaving eyes looking firm and well-rested.

Applications and Benefits:

  • AM- Apply after cleansing skin. Tap a drop of Watercress Eye Gel onto eye contours to hydrate and firm the eye area; absorbs quickly for use under or over makeup. 
  • THROUGHOUT THE DAY- Keep Watercress Eye Gel in your bag for an immediate cooling lift of hydration anytime; leaves eyes looking firm and refreshed.
  • PM- Use as nighttime eye treatment to hydrate tender eye tissue and stimulate collagen production.  A drop applied to eye contour before sleep will help hydrate while reducing morning appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

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Watercress Eye Gel
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