Etheric Inhalation Oil Collection
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Etheric Inhalation Oil Collection

Etheric Inhalation Oil Collection



The word ether was first documented in use somewhere between 1350 and 1400. It is Middle English derived from the Latin word aethēr, which translates to “upper air, pure air”, and it is the space in which we engage with the sensory world. Farmaesthetics Etheric Inhalation Oils are our signature essential oil blends that work with the sensory paths to help break the cycle of stress. By engaging the respiratory system through deep inhalation, we engage with the therapeutic properties of each oil to boost the system, helping restore our inherent ability to cope with life’s daily stressors. Inhaling the powerful molecules of plants, as captured in therapeutic grade essential oil, will gently and quickly divert the mind and move the body from a state of imbalance toward one of wellbeing.

Brenda’s extensive collection will lead with four essential oil combinations, each one targeting a specific stressor:

  • Dreaming Oil: essential oils of lavender & clary sage -  a lullaby in a bottle for a deep restful sleep
  • Warming Oil: essential oils of orange, lavender & clove – to impart a feeling of gentle warmth
  • Adrenal Support: essential oils of black spruce, pink grapefruit & pine with hemp oil – to restore depleted energy reserves
  • Pick-me-up: essential oils of pink grapefruit & peppermint – a sunny oil to renew vigor, focus and clarity


Uses: Add 2 drops to your palms, then slowly rub them together to warm and release the vapors.  Loosely cup over your nose and breathe deeply and slowly for 30 seconds.

May add 1-2 drops to hot bath for a steamy essential vapor soak

Or add a drop or two to your favorite body oil to boost the benefits of external massage. 

150 drops per 2 dram vial!

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Etheric Inhalation Oil Collection
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