Remedy Waters* Sandalwood

Remedy Waters* Sandalwood

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As delicate, pure and simple as a skincare product can get; a sip of water for the skin. Our Remedy Waters are hydrosols, or herb distillates, also known as hydrolates or flower waters. But whatever the name we give them, they are beautifully delicate, softly fragrant waters- the last offering of the plant after steam distillation.


Apply by misting the skin. Spritz on face, neck, arms, and body or add to bath water to impart the properties of the herb or flower from which the water is derived.

  • Rose Geranium- a purifying, restorative for the complexion; enlivening
  • Sandalwood- protects and balances the skin, grounds and fortifies the demeanor
  • Orange Flower- calms and settles skin; imparts a sense of jollity to uplift mood

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Remedy Waters* Sandalwood
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